Fitness Ahead! Level 3


Course Overview:

Welcome to another Academy 4 week course.

Each Academy 4 week course has 20 different exercise routines presented as Level 1 beginner, Level 2 Intermediate, Level 3 Advanced, and Level 4 Expert. There are also 8 yoga classes which do not have levels.

This Fitness Ahead! Level 3 Advanced.

We will use some accessories in this course including, dumbbells, a wobble board, weight bench, resistance band, balance pad/knee pad, yoga mat, balancing pole, balance disc, pushup handles, and a step. I will tell you what you need at the beginning of every video.

Try these workouts if you have completed the level 2 workouts and feel that you could progress.

This is a great place to start for the frequently exercising senior or if you have completed the level 2 course. The workouts are advanced difficulty, have some floor work, and are 20 minutes long. Make sure to warm up with the seated warm up exercise in the top of the right column. Then perform the exercise of the day and end with the seated cool down at the top of the right column. As your strength improves you may choose another course or advance to level 4. Glad you are in the Academy and starting to build your strength and stability.