Fit-Tastic Level 1


Course Overview:

Welcome to another Academy 4 week course.

This Academy 4 week course has 20 different exercise routines presented as Level 1 Beginner, Level 2 Intermediate, Level 3 Advanced, and Level 4 Expert. There are also 8 yoga classes which do not have levels.

This is Fit-Tastic Level 1 Beginner.

We will use some accessories in this course including dumbbells, yoga blocks. Check out links below in right column to order online.

Try these workouts if you are an inactive senior and feel that you could progress.

The workouts are easy and only 10 minutes long. Make sure to warm up with the seated warm up exercise in the top of the right column. Then perform the exercise of the day and end with the seated cool down at the top of the right column.

As your strength improves you may choose to repeat the exercise for a total of 20 minutes. Glad you are in the Academy and starting to build your strength and stability.

  • I’m looking forward to this course.

  • Diane Thomas says:

    One more week of this course. Should I do another Level 1 course or move onto Level 2? Feeling so much better. Also, I find the Yoga classes have a bit too much explanation and repeat with modifications. Where should I start if I’m ready to go straight through a class. Need to save time!!

  • Donna W says:

    Proud of myself for completeing course today! Upward and onward…..

  • TimK says:

    I really enjoyed this course. I dropped down from Level 3 because of injuries and found this course to give me balanced activity I could do while I recovered. Thanks, Coach!

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